About Egami

About Egami

Reuel Matthew (suit designer) started "Egami" in 2016 by launching a private fall fashion week event at Capsule Studio in NYC showcasing his Spring/Summer SS'16 couture suit line. His inaugural private event, aimed at engaging his community, ended up attracting musicians, wealthy buyers, athletes, and other celebrities who Matthew would take on as private clients and would be the start of a lucrative custom tailoring business.

Matthew continues to dress professionals, politicians, athletes, and celebrities mainly in New York, but is steadily developing an overseas demand for his suit designs with plans of doing shows overseas in the near future. Matthew is known as the "master of the bespoke women's suit" being one of the only tailors in New York offering custom women's apparel, working with the best tailors internationally, and being mentored by the likes of fashion and entertainment icons such as Henry Picardo and Malena Belafonte.

What sets us apart

We pride and differentiate ourselves by providing a very personal tailoring experience to each client.

We visit you at your home or office to take your measurements, we bring material books to show you a wide selection of high quality materials to choose from, we show you a style book of different styles or take your direction on what style you're looking for, we contract the best tailors to construct your perfect outfit, and we hand deliver you a ready to wear product.


We believe in a unique and custom experience for each and every client. We tailor our custom designs to the individual and take our measurements to reflect the personal style and body type of each client.