About Egami

About Egami

Egami Collection ("Egami") is a made-to-order custom apparel business that specializes in both formal and casual clothing. The company emphasizes the key part of your brand that makes you stand out from the rest, your "IMAGE", which spelled backward is the company name.

Our line of custom designs are fashion forward, yet work appropriate so you can get the job done in style. By wearing our clothing, we help you unleash your "gravitas", or your inner commanding energy, to help you maximize your full potential. 


We pride and differentiate ourselves by providing a very personal custom tailoring experience to each of our customers and to communities that don't have access to affordable high quality custom tailoring. We visit you at your home or office to take your measurements, we bring material books to show you a wide selection of high quality materials to choose from, we show you a style book of different styles or take your direction on what style you're looking for, we contract the best tailors to construct your perfect outfit, and we hand deliver you a ready to wear product.


We believe in a unique and custom experience for each and every client.  We tailor our custom designs to the individual and take our measurements to reflect the personal style and body type of each client.